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Here are some useful links : please report me dead ones

  • Quelque soit votre niveau, débutant ou expérimenté, faites un tour sur le site de Bigonoff :


Son cours sur les PICs est devenue une référence incontournable pour les micro-électroniciens francophones !

  • MikroC from Mikroelektronika is the C compiler I use for Pic MCU's, as well as their EasyPic development board. They provide for free a full demo version (only limited on .hex file size output), with which you can build most of the source codes I provide on this web site.

You can also try MikroBasic or MikroPascal :


They also provide development boards and tools, programmers, books...


  • They build your favorite micro-controllers, you will find here all the datasheets you need about pics :



  • If you are into ENC28J60 and serial ethernet boards, please visit Dome's home page to get a full working TCPI/IP stack (from Microchip) ready to use with your EasyPic2/3/4 board + mikroE eth serial board :


This is great work, because Microchip TCP/IP stack source code is not that easy to understand, you can believe me !


It does not only PWM, but also Timers, USART and EUSART registers calculations (free PC Windows .EXE file).

Thank you Steve (AKA mister_e) !




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