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Welcome to the www.micro-examples.com web site

Electronic projects for microcontrollers, with source code examples and circuit schematics, cheap and easy !

For some reasons I'm moving my old web site http://www.micro-examples.com/ to this new wiki-based one : faster to edit, easier to use.

Some articles from old web site will stay there, some others will be moved here, so don't be suprised if you are redirected from one to another. I'm sorry for the temporary mess, I'm trying to fix it as soon as possible.

For now, this wiki is not editable by users, if you want to contribute, leave me a message, my email address is here Www.micro-examples.com:General disclaimer, or leave a comment below.

Other important thing, I have to close my old forums because I do not have enough time to manage them (spam filtering, account management...). I will keep them read-only if you think they are usefull.

The good news is you can add comments to projects :)


Recently added projects

Archives LED-magazine au format PDF

PicOscilloMeter.png NEW ! PicOscilloMeter : A direct reading frequency/volt meter to connect to your oscilloscope with an 8-pin PIC12F683

PicoDetector.jpg PicoDetector : How to detect metal with a PIC12 only

PicoBat.jpg PicoBat : How to detect bat ultrasounds with a PIC12

LCDscope.jpg LCDscope : Turn a text LCD into an oscilloscope

TouchClock.jpg TouchClock : Design your own GLCD touchscreen clock

PicoOSD.jpg PicoOSD : A simple and cheap PAL video overlay OSD with an 8-pin PIC12F683

PicOClock.jpg PicOClock : Turn your oscilloscope into a clock with a PIC16F84A

Best rated projects


Other projects

You can find my other projects here (old-style web pages) :

Keypad.jpg http://www.micro-examples.com/public/microex-navig/doc/083-keypad-library : A universal keypad library for PIC

PIC16F84A-alarm-clock.jpg http://www.micro-examples.com/public/microex-navig/doc/084-alarm-clock : A PIC16F84A simple and robust alarm clock

MCP9700A-thermometer.jpg http://www.micro-examples.com/public/microex-navig/doc/086-mcp9700a-thermometer : How to use an MCP9700A temperature sensor with a PIC

VRSTAMP.jpg http://www.micro-examples.com/public/microex-navig/doc/088-vrstamp-voice-controlled-led-light-show : A voice controlled LED light show with a RSC-4128 VRSTAMP voice recognition module

PIC-PAL-video-generator.jpg http://www.micro-examples.com/public/microex-navig/doc/089-pic-pal-tv : A PAL black and white video generator library for PIC18

PIC-ultrasonic-range-finder.jpg http://www.micro-examples.com/public/microex-navig/doc/090-ultrasonic-ranger : A PIC16F877A cheap ultrasonic range finder

Dymoclock.jpg http://www.micro-examples.com/public/microex-navig/doc/091-dymoclock : How to drive 27 LEDs with an 18 pins PIC16F819 and no extra hardware, here is the DymoClock

Memosound.jpg http://www.micro-examples.com/public/microex-navig/doc/092-memosound : A PIC16F84A memosound game system

LED-as-light-sensor.jpg http://www.micro-examples.com/public/microex-navig/doc/096-led-light-sensor : A LED as light sensor

PIC-PWM-calculator.gif http://www.micro-examples.com/public/microex-navig/doc/097-pwm-calculator : A PIC PWM calculator and source code generator

Diode-as-temperature-sensor.jpg http://www.micro-examples.com/public/microex-navig/doc/098-temperature-sensor : A classic diode as temperature sensor

Single-tube-nixie-clock.jpg http://www.micro-examples.com/public/microex-navig/doc/150-p16f84-single-nixie-clock : A PIC16F84A single-tube NIXIE clock

DCF77-led-clock.jpg http://www.micro-examples.com/public/microex-navig/doc/100-p16f84-led-dcf-clock : A PIC16F84A DCF77 LED clock

I will move this projects here one by one as soon as possible.

Enjoy !

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