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  • sorin
    (18 July 2013, 18:51)
    I'm using 16F84A. The X1 output works fine but the x2 is solid 0. No hardware mistakes. Should I change something in the c code?(I'm a beginner).Thanks
  • NoskoSteve
    (24 March 2013, 19:32)
      This is very clever. Everyone else is doing scopes in X-Y . I only read 16F84 asm code, but it appears you draw vertical lines 16 times to make them visible. Very good. My hat's off to you. I've been doing X-Y Laser Graphics (actual laser on a screen) since the 80's. After all these years, I finally put my D/As into a scope.
      I also see a difference between your ASCII and image schematic values.

    Regards, Steve, Retired EE & Laserist.
    Dropping sec, 8 bits is all U need for X-Y! 16x16
  • Pl
    (7 January 2013, 14:23)
    Do you have a link to the HEX file.
    I am getting errors to do with memset and other things in the code using MicroC 5.8.0
  • AD
    (7 October 2012, 20:45)
    I see that the resistors are different values in the schematic and listing. Which one should it be.
  • AD
    (7 October 2012, 20:43)
    Can't get it to work. I am using correct crystal and programmed hex file correctly. Will vers 5 of the compiler work with current c file as I see this is for ver 7. Any help will be appreciated.


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