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  • Thomas
    (22 February 2019, 16:42)
    Thank you Bruno,

    with my old analogue Oscilloscope I now get readable outputs, much better than using a digital Oszilloscope.

    I also changed R3 from 680 Ohm to 330 Ohm to achieve the right R2R Voltage Levels.
  • BrunoG
    (21 February 2019, 14:32)
    Hi Thomas, thank you for your message

    configuration word value 0x0014 is correct for PIC12F683, as it is in the binary file

    please note that the oscilloscope must not be set in X/Y configuration but in external trigger mode : GP2 output pin is connected to the trigger input of your oscillo to get correct horizontal synchronization

    timebase should be 0.5 ms/div

    hope this will help
  • Thomas
    (21 February 2019, 10:46)
    When I compare the Config Word of the precompiled HEX File with the Config Word resulting from recompiling the Project with mikroC V5.6.1, they are completely different.
    precompiled HEX-File: Config Word = 0x0014 (Code Protection set..)
    recompiled Source Fie: Config Word = 0x0FF2
    Which one is correct?

    When I connect the Outputs to an Oscilloscope with external Trigger from X and Chan1 from Y, I can see a steady wave containing 4 dedicated Voltage levels, but no readable Text. What is wrong?
  • diego
    (14 June 2018, 02:30)
    val *= 5000 ; // convert 12 bits reading to voltage
    val *= 5000 ; // convert 10 bits reading to voltage
  • Roberjones
    (13 July 2017, 10:35)
    Very nice of sharing. Recently I had been looking for this type blog . I am very happy by seeing your post and I got several ideas from your story. Looking forward to getting your next story .Thank you.
  • Pouria zamani
    (30 March 2013, 21:06)
    thank you very much
  • Rory
    (16 October 2012, 06:22)
    Can you please provide a board image from Eaglecad?
  • bschatz
    (12 September 2012, 20:55)
    Nice project. I have one question, what is in the file built_in.h?
  • electro
    (3 August 2012, 12:13)
    great idea and nice code.
  • name
    (29 April 2012, 08:07)
  • tgh
    (11 March 2012, 07:32)

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