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  • gordy7
    (15 July 2018, 23:09)
    Here is my Basic main code.
    Used GCBasic, 12F1840, ultrasonic transmitter (I had lying around).
    Maybe more sensitive if I had an ultrasonic receiver.

    ;Chip Settings
    #chip 12F1840
    #config OSC=ECL, FCMEN=OFF
    set wpua5 = 0 'PU off
    ' ultrasonic sensor on PA5
    dir porta.0 out ' piezo
    dir porta.1 out ' piezo
    dir porta.2 out ' LED for program test
    set porta.0 0
    set porta.1 1
    set porta.2 0
    Do Forever
        lata = lata xor 0b111
  • gordy7
    (15 July 2018, 01:00)
    Very nice project.
    I am going to give it a go!
    The code appears ok... But I am not a 'C' guy.
    What does seem missing are a couple of 12F683 configuration items... Maybe preset in the author's setup.
    I think that something like the following needs to be included:
    oscon = 00 Clock source determine be Fosc
    config (word) - 00,03 Fosc = EC Ext clock
  • .
    (21 March 2017, 20:34)
  • Rachel
    (20 March 2017, 17:43)
    Hi! I'm trying to use this code to divide ultrasonic noise by 4 to put it into the audible range. I followed the code a circuit, but it still isn't outputting the reduced frequency. Has anyone else had this issue or have any suggestions?
  • meera nandhan
    (9 February 2016, 13:41)
    what you use in ultrasonic piezo receiver replaces resistor in PIC oscillator circuit
  • rekha varma
    (9 February 2016, 13:37)
    what is ultrasonic piezo receiver replaces resistor in PIC oscillator circuit
  • Lozza
    (6 June 2015, 01:25)
    Hi Bruno, Very succinct but how sensitive is it? Can it pick up weak bat signals.
  • 4S7
    (6 November 2014, 08:15)
    it's good. Nice work. Very useful.
  • Frans
    (11 February 2014, 10:38)

    Is it also possible to use a PIC16F628A and can you fixe the source code for it in picbasic please.
    Let me now what is possible.
    Many thanks.
  • Maddy
    (5 February 2014, 05:51)
    Is it possible to get Part number for the components? For Receiver and Speaker?
  • HallMark
    (31 January 2014, 15:05)
    Interesting ! Have you ever tested this with actual BATs sound?

    Do you think if we use an amplifier then we get some good quality of sound?
  • D-Fox
    (15 January 2014, 16:24)
    3 words...Clever! Simply! Nice!
  • Neo
    (12 September 2013, 08:37)

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