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  • asdfgh
    (23 January 2020, 23:48)
    hi can u helpp
  • IJ
    (23 January 2020, 18:42)
    Hi Bruno, i'm making this simple metaldetector at school. At school we have the PICkit 2 programmer (the black one), is this the right one to use in this case?
    Also another question, do i need to download the mikroC PRO compiler for this to work or can i use another compiler? I have the PIC C Compiler installed.
  • ravera
    (2 October 2019, 18:41)
    Hello sir, I have tried your source code, and have a little problem.
    The red LED (calibrate) is blinking very fast, and whenever i put some metal things near my coil, it stop blinking for 1 second, and then again it starts blinking.
    The green LED never turns ON.
    My _XTAL_FREQ is 80000000. I have tried other values, it doesn't change anything.
    Can you please tell me if I'm doing something wrong ?
  • Madhav
    (24 April 2018, 15:44)
    Arif, you have to make your own inductor. Just a wire with the size intended to detect vehicles - for a car, try with something that is 4 x 6 feet and keep the value of the inductor between the values indicated by Brunog. So, that's playing with the number of turns. Just make certain that the two ends are twisted from the end of the loop to the pic. Keep posting the progress.
  • süleyman
    (5 June 2017, 10:11)
    malzeme listesini verebilecek var mı ?
  • suleyman
    (5 June 2017, 10:10)
    kardeşim malzeme listesini bulabıldin mi
  • Ibrahim
    (23 April 2017, 19:05)
    Malzeme listesi verebilirmisiniz
  • Ibrahim
    (23 April 2017, 19:04)
    Malzeme listesini verebilirmisiniz
  • linux
    (7 December 2016, 11:34)
    Hi sir;
    How the two frequencies are compared?
  • linux
    (7 December 2016, 11:33)
    Hi sir,
    How the two frequencies are compared?
  • Nunu
    (17 November 2016, 16:05)
    Is the detector working above the soil/ground? Thanks
  • Mohammed Taher
    (16 August 2016, 22:10)
    what is the maximum range for this detector?
  • bowzy
    (7 March 2016, 19:03)
    Is it all we need to create a metal sensor ?
  • Ryan
    (28 December 2015, 04:11)
    looks like the search coil is the main osc and it's fed directly to a counter. the WDT resets the mcu at regular intervals, on reset we look at the value of the counter and compare it to the previous reset value, if there's a big enough change we can assume theres metal present changing the frequency of the oscillator. the WDT is an internal RC circuit and hence it is not affected by the clock frequency, this is our stable reference. simplified to fit in 500 chars
  • Ryan
    (28 December 2015, 04:00)
    i love it. would be interesting to build this on a PIC with secondary 32k clock xtal for the reference.
  • Vidya
    (24 February 2015, 17:08)
    sir i want detail working of this circuitry can u help me?
  • Mohamed Tarek
    (29 June 2014, 20:44)
    how much is the range of this metal detector circuit
  • mohamed
    (4 June 2014, 05:17)
    sir how i can search for PIC12F683 in multisim program
  • Nestor
    (19 May 2014, 18:30)
    Someone already made this project and if it worked?
  • dejanl
    (3 April 2014, 14:44)
    Need help.
    I'm try to use this idea for build metal detector on PCB coil 60uH and 15ohm resistance.
    Everything is working except when my coil is near big metal material. Then oscillator going to stop and detector is dead.
    Any idea.
  • Dejan Lalić
    (3 April 2014, 14:42)
    Need help.
    I'm try to use this idea for build metal detector on PCB coil 60uH and 15ohm resistance.
    Everything is working except when my coil is near big metal material. Then oscillator going to stop and detector is dead.
    Any idea.
  • GMA
    (20 March 2014, 15:39)
    oops!.. I forgot to say that the code would also need to switch back on if the opposite state was detected... C is not my strong point I usually use basic.... Thanks for your help...
  • GMA
    (20 March 2014, 15:36)
    Can you post a line of code that allows this circuit to auto switch off if pin GP2 or GP3 is set or a high or low state, thanks :)
  • EEW
    (28 February 2014, 20:56)
  • stephen
    (14 February 2014, 02:56)
    Sir, how can I change the codes so that when a metal is detected, the LED will jst turn on and not blink? thank you very much.
  • Nitin gupta
    (6 February 2014, 15:17)
    dear sir,
              i am a also want to work on your project please send me your contact information.
    i am a m-tech student want to do internship in india. my e-mail id is nitin_gupta24420@yahoo.com
  • Ash
    (3 February 2014, 22:25)
    Did pic 12F675 work with this codes?
  • Ashner
    (1 February 2014, 01:53)
    Can I use Pic 12F675 instead of 12F683? just to confirm sir Thanks
  • John
    (4 January 2014, 03:48)
    yes, it's the symbol for the positive side of the battery/power supply.
  • john
    (4 January 2014, 03:41)
    whats the range? I mean, how far away can it detect?

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