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  • stefan901
    (1 December 2018, 16:50)
    Will it be very hard to modify code to generate crosshairs? I think about one vertical line and one horizontal, both ~1-2px thic, with ability to move lines with buttons and save position in memory.
  • mario
    (16 February 2016, 00:26)
    Hello , it is possible to do this project for NTSC .
  • sunil
    (12 April 2015, 18:29)
    i cant find "built_in.h" in down load package
  • fede
    (17 February 2015, 20:31)
    Is it possible to make something like this using an ATTiny85 or similar AVR micro? If so, can anybody help me and port the code? For some reason I don't like PICs very much, and I already have an AVR programmer. Thanks.
  • Bampi2k
    (18 October 2014, 14:16)
    Would it be possible to use a high-speed op-amp as an inverting schmidt trigger to generate sync pulses?
    more stable?
  • Bampi2k
    (18 October 2014, 14:07)
    I have been trying to adapt this project to be used as OSD for FPV flying.
    Have a couple of 18F4550, 18F4450 etc. lying with me. So i want to re-use those.
    Would prefer to code in mplab X + PICkit2. I am unable to compile the code successfully.
    I am a newbie to micro-controller coding.
    Figured there might be some issues with the architecture difference (thus diff SFRs) between the 12F and 18F.
    Could you please point me in the right direction?

  • Sheikh Mohammad
    (20 June 2014, 20:25)
    Simply beautiful... nice

  • PicoOSD-project.zip
    (27 April 2014, 19:12)
  • federico
    (27 April 2014, 19:07)
  • luis
    (27 September 2013, 20:28)
    It´s possible you change it to NTSC ?
  • val
    (8 February 2013, 13:19)
    hello, in my country (germany) "they" donnt let me see your video . Can you plese deactivate the music or post an other vid w/out music? thanks and.. good job !!
  • Sergey
    (17 August 2012, 04:02)
    I cannot understand how you realize putting black pixel on the video. Can you more explanation of that? I use SPI for sending chars.
    With SPI, you can't (except with external circuit operated by another pin), except if whole background would be black.

    He is using 3 states:
    - HI-Z (pin is input)
    - LO (pin is output)
    - HI (pin is output)

    I have built my own SPI based inserter, and it works very well, except i have to few cyclces even in assembly...
  • osd
    (24 June 2012, 08:27)
    I cannot understand how you realize putting black pixel on the video. Can you more explanation of that? I use SPI for sending chars.
  • NJ
    (20 June 2012, 23:24)
    Can this code be adapted for NTSC video ?
  • jason
    (26 April 2012, 03:11)
    Hi, 12f683 has not serial interface so we cant use this osd real-time duty...

    can you convert codes for 16f or 18f more powerfull pics ? why did you use 12f683 ?
  • Wilksey
    (28 March 2012, 02:24)
    Hi Bruno,

    I still have one of these units I built a few years ago now (2009), it suffers from massive sync issues, I think it's because it can't detect the sync pulses correctly, I have a few 1881N chips, can you please advise on which pin of the 1881N goes to which pin on the 683 and what code changes are necessary to make it work?

    I assume the sync jitter is just down to the PIC comparator and nothing else?


  • (16 February 2012, 11:21)
    PIC16F84A has not been tested and may be short of memory, and does not have a comparator too (see above).
    => prefer a PIC16F877A to test this circuit
  • rune
    (16 February 2012, 04:10)
    So when you write "should work also with most of PIC "
    what does that mean.. i would love to prototype with a device i have
    around.. will 16F84A-20 work (at 25mhz)?

  • (15 February 2012, 11:20,    last edit:15 February 2012, 11:21)
    in addition, you can use a 20 MHz clock or lower, but text overlay will be shorter.
    you can increase text length (and reduce pixel size) on a PIC18 by using x4 PLL to get a 40 MH clock with a 10 MHz crystal
  • (15 February 2012, 11:19)
    any PIC16, PIC18 or other MCU with a comparator and a timer should work with only a few adjustments
    you can use a PIC16F84A but you will have to add a video sync separator IC like LM1881 or equivalent. if you have video sync problems use it anyway, you can connect its composit sync output to a port on change interrupt pin instead of comparator interrupt.
  • kyndal
    (15 February 2012, 06:45)
    This is awesome.. i was hoping to do some Cheap easy OSD for a tiny project of mine
    and im pretty sure you just saved me a lot of hazzle.

    im mostly familiar with atmel and msp430s..
    so when you say "should work also with most of PIC"
    can you clarify the requirements for the pic a bit.. besides the 25mhz clock ?

    id love to prototype with some pics i have in the drawer..
    would it work with 16F84As? if i can even clock it at 25Mhz?
    i mostly have "old" pics 18F4220 12c509 18f458


  • (14 February 2012, 22:02,    last edit:14 February 2012, 22:12)
    Hi, I just tried successfully to download and open the ZIP file, can you please try this:
    clean your web cache, save ZIP file on your disk, and then open it
  • Maro
    (14 February 2012, 21:10)

    I cant open zip file (File:PicoOSD-project.zip). Dekomresor tells its broken file.


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